Monthly Challenge (May 2016)

Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington

Author: Vera Southgate

Dick Whittington (5yrs 8yrs)

Dick Whittington is left with nothing; no food, no family, no job.

But as young as he is, Dick stays optimistic to be rich. He travels all the way to London to make wealth for himself. Imagine his disappointment, when he finds out London is not what people said it would be - the city of the rich, streets of gold. 

How is he going to make it; where is he going to sleep and how is he going to get a job?    Is London a blessing or a curse?

ISBN: 9780718193393 | Price: GHC6 | Download Questions (PDF)
The Story of Chocolate

The Story of Chocolate

Author: Katie Daynes


Chocolate; it's the world most popular treat, but where does chocolate come from? ....and why is it so delicious? Discover the bean behind each bar and follow its journey from the American rainforest to factories everywhere.

(This book comes with an audio CD)

ISBN: 9781409533931 | Price: GHC20 | Download Questions (PDF)
Showdown with the Shepherd

Showdown with the Shepherd

Author: Marianne Hering & Brock Eastman


"If none of you will fight Goliath, then I will!"

Travel to the Holy Land, 1000 BC with Patrick and Beth. Their goal is to find the menacing Master Hugh, get the Whittaker family ring, and send Hugh Back to 1450s England. But the problem await the cousins as soon as they step out of the Imagination station. First they meet an angry bear, ...later an angry giant.

Set against the background of 'the David and Goliath story', the cousins must stop Hugh from changing history and helping the Philistines win. Along the way, the cousins learn that having a giant faith is better than having a giant on your side. 

ISBN: 9781589976313 | Price: GHC12 | Download Questions (PDF)
Kofi and the sack of sticky feathers

Kofi and the sack of sticky feathers

Author: Nana Ama Buckman


Kofi Opoku lives in Botikrom. He is a clever boy who likes to play tricks and is always getting into trouble. His neighbour, Mama Caro hurts her ankle and cannot take care of her chicken coop so Kofi's mother enlisted him to help out.

The naughtiest boy in Botikrom devises a mischievous plan that involves the feathers from the chickens and some carpenter's glue. Find out how Kofi's plan turns out.

ISBN: 9789988224943 | Price: GHC15 | Download Questions (PDF)
The Dorm Challenge

The Dorm Challenge

Author: Elizabeth- Irene

THE DORM CHALLENGE(13yrs - 18yrs)

One bad friend and one desperate friend. Mercy could change their lives. The problem is she doesn't know it.

Mercy isn't going to embarrass herself by speaking in a school competition just so her house can win the Dorm Cup. No Way!

There are better things she could do - like hanging out with her ultra-cool buddy, Perry.  But when she thrust into the Dorm Challenge she discovers that the prize for speaking up is more precious than a trophy. And the prize for listening properly can mean more than anything in the world. 

ISBN: 9789988840426 | Price: GHC17 | Download Questions (PDF)