Monthly Challenge (March 2016)

39 Clues - One False Note

39 Clues - One False Note

Author: Gordon Korman

39 Clues- One False Note- 13 years - 18 years

The Hunt is on.

The race is on to find 39 Clues that safeguard a great power, and fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, are shocked to find themselves in the lead. 

The search seems to be taking them to Vienna, and they hold a coded piece of Mozart's sheet music that's key to finding the next Clue. But tailed by a pack of power-hungry relatives, Amy and Dan can't see if they are sailing towards victory- or straight into a deadly trap.

ISBN: 9780545060424 | Price: GHC40 | Download Questions (PDF)
Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

Author: Vera Southgate

Puss In Boots- 5 years - 8 years

“Puss is no use to me and I am too poor even to feed him”

There lived a boy, whose father died. His father left him with nothing but a cat, Puss. How is that possible? How was he going to survive? How was he going to feed Puss?

But, that was the end of the dilemma; Puss has a strange ability. How is he able to use this ability to help his master?

ISBN: 9781409314271 | Price: GHC6 | Download Questions (PDF)
The Rabbit's Tale

The Rabbit's Tale

Author: Lynne Benton

The Rabbit's Tale- 5 years - 8 years

“Rabbit was puzzled, but he did what Owl said.”

Rabbit has a problem-his home is too small. What can he do? Who is to help him?

Let’s find out how Rabbit is able to solve his problem.

ISBN: 978140955867 | Price: GHC14 | Download Questions (PDF)
The Revenge of the Red Knight

The Revenge of the Red Knight

Author: Marianne Hering & Paul McCusker

The Revenge of the Red Knight- 9 years - 12 years

“This is a joust of peace, Sir Andrew said.

“There is no peace!” the Red Knight shouted.

In this adventure, cousins Patrick and Beth finally meet Albert. But they also meet with more trouble at Lord Darkthorn’s castle.

The Cousins are accused of stealing the very treasures they’ve been trying to return! To save Albert and themselves, Patrick and Beth need to sort friend from foe, traitor from teammate. And they must do it before the new moon. That’s when Lord Darkthorn will return and lock Albert in his terrible tower.

ISBN: 9781589976306 | Price: GHC12 | Download Questions (PDF)
Plain Yellow

Plain Yellow

Author: Ruby Yayra Goka

Plain Yellow - 13 years- 18 years

Amerley is not your average teenager- well she does love books and fashion and her boyfriend, Nikoi, but that is where the similarity ends. She's becomes a mother and a father to her three younger sisters, not that she minds, family means everything to Amerley.

When financial constrains make her relocate to a plush neighbourhood in East Legon, she puts her own dreams aside in order to be a maid to make her family's life better. But how far should her self sacrifice go? Doesn't her own life matter? Will she always put her family first even when it puts her own life at risk?

ISBN: 9789988214241 | Price: GHC15 | Download Questions (PDF)