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The SyTris ReadRight Campaign has categorized the children into two groups, age groups, comprising of ages 8 to 12 years and 13 to 18years. Two books are selected each month for each category, and the books are selected with careful consideration to the lexile levels. Research has shown that readers make the most progress and develop lifelong reading enjoyment when they are given books that match their reading level instead of books that are too challenging, thus resulting in frustration. 

The lexile framework provides a common scale for measuring the child’s reader ability and text complexity, allowing easy monitoring of the child’s progress. Lexile measures give teachers and parents the confidence to choose materials that will improve their reading skills across the curriculum and at home. As a result, children read materials that are appropriately challenging, comprehend the content they are reading, and build stronger literacy skills. The better the reading skill of the child, the higher their lexile level.
Questionnaires and activity sheets, in some cases, are made available with each book. Readers are supposed to answer these questions and submit them, either by dropping them off physically at the point of purchase or by emailing in the completed questionnaire. Random participants are chosen each month for a lovely surprise, which could be either for themselves, family members or even their school. The aim is to encourage children who do not read at all to have the interest to read and have fun as well.

Ghanaian authors are invited to speak about their books on our media platform; audio versions of the books are also played, to provide awareness of the books that have been selected in every month. 

The range of titles selected for the SyTris ReadRight Campaign is divers and varied. Fiction and Nonfiction books, Christian stories, Classics, Adventure stories, books for reluctant readers and books full of activities that will engage the children in reading. There are also books of local and African authors in each month so as to not only promote these authors but also broaden the horizon of the African culture in the minds of the children.

In addition to increase the reach of children and engage as many of them as possible, the selected books for each month are heavily discounted. This is to ensure that the books of the month are as affordable as possible.